Outpost Vision:  

To contribute to Shell’s investment in global mobility as part of HR. To create a positive transfer experience. To foster a sense of community for Shell employees and their families enabling successful assignments and full integration.Mission:  


Organising for success: supporting Shell business to ensure a smooth transition for the internationally mobile community by

  • Helping employees and their families make informed decisions in collaboration with HR.
  • Offering personal and practical support for those on international assignments and those who have repatriated.
  • Driving diversity and inclusion by connecting people on the ground and building strong networks.

The purpose of an Outpost is to:

  • Welcome employees and help them and their families to settle in at the start of a posting.
  • Provide non-contractual information complementary to Shell terms and conditions including information on schooling, housing, healthcare, and a range of other topics related to expatriation and repatriation.
  • Help employees and their families to settle in their new homes and to appreciate the culture of the country and location;
  • Enable employees and their families to get information about potential new postings;
  • Support partners with career and development opportunities in their location and prepare for further postings in the future.


What kind of services Outpost offices provide?

  • Outpost publishes practical information about life in the location through different standard documents such as the Inside Guide ,local Newsletters, and  in the about section of the local website.
  • Outpost provides an ongoing point of contact during the entire assignment, welcoming new arrivals using our Welcome service, helping people to settle in, connecting the community through events, workshops or networking groups and eventually offering support when leaving.
  • Outpost offers also Career and Development services to assist the clients with their personal and professional development.

Outpost has between approximately 40 local offices around the world with its Central Office, Global Outpost Services (GOS), in The Hague.