October 2, 2015

New Cultural Awareness Tool for Shell Employees

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Moving to a new location?  It’s time to get GlobeSmart!

Preparing for an expatriate assignment involves planning ahead to ensure that living in a new location is a positive experience for the entire family. Housing, health, education for children and career opportunities for spouses are just a few of the areas we consider before making an international move.  Another important element that we should be thinking about is the business and social culture of our destination.  Shell employees can now gain insights into working effectively with people from over ninety countries around the world - thanks to a special cultural awareness tool called GlobeSmart.

GlobeSmart is an online tool that could help you maximize the benefits of working in an international environment. It allows you to input details about yourself in order to produce a cultural profile which outlines your personal approach to the work environment. GlobeSmart then reveals a general cultural profile of workers in your destination. You can compare your cultural profile to the location’s profile, which helps you to highlight areas of potential differences and encourages you to work towards a better understanding of your co-workers.

GlobeSmart can help you to:

  • Communicate effectively across cultures
  • Build positive working relationships
  • Understand different approaches to business situations such as; giving feedback, managing conflict, negotiating deals, evaluating and motivating colleagues
  • Navigate social situations and understand local customs
  • Gain better awareness of business and social etiquette in different locations

The tool can also provide handy practical travel information and targeted advice about your chosen location.

To sign up for GlobeSmart, using your Shell email address, click on the link on our homepage or visit: https://learning.aperianglobal.com/portal