May 8, 2018

The Expatriate Archive Centre Celebrate their 10th anniversary

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Saudade is a Portuguese word evoking nostalgia for someone or something absent and beloved.  bothe the book and the recent exhibition  featured the work of 10 artists;

Euf Lindeboom, Janne van Gilst, Masaaki Oyamada, Thomas Nondh Jansen, Natalie McIlroy, Carla Wright, Christopher Squier, Kevin Andrew Morris, Monique Prinsloo en Nico Angiuli. Natalie McIlroy, a Scottish artist based in The Hague, is the curator of the project.

The artisits used the EAC'collection as their inspiration for art piece that would fit in a suitcase, itself donated by one of the founders of EAC. 

The Expatriate Archive Centre is an independent foundation and its mission is to preserve the life stories of expats , wh oleave home , family and everythng they know behind.