• I am not an expatriate but would like to use your services. Can I contact Outpost?

    Outpost supports all Shell employees who face the challenge of global mobility, including:

    -       Employees and their families considering a new posting abroad who want more information before the move,

    -       All expatriates, whatever their assignment type, and their families during their posting,

    -       Repatriated employees and families after their return.

    Outpost can also support employees from joint venture companies. Arrangements for joint venture operations are made according to the needs of the specific location and discussed in liaison with relevant HR representatives.

  • What is an Inside Guide?

    The most complete and regularly updated information about life on location (as experienced by Shell expatriate spouses or partners) is described in an Inside Guide. This information is what makes Outpost services so unique: support given by expatriates for expatriates.

    The guide follows a standard template and covers everything from cultural aspects to important telephone numbers. The Inside Guide can be found in the welcome pack that all newcomers receive or send electronically. It is also a very valuable source of information for people considering a new posting.

  • How can I access the Inside Guide of one location?

    The Inside Guide is a highly valuable source of information and is therefore dedicated for Shell employees and their family. You need to register on our website to be able to access this information. Please click here to create an account.

  • What is Careers & Development? Do all the locations provide this service?

    Career & Development support is increasingly important to partners of the present expatriate generation. The range of services vary from providing practical information about work permits and job opportunities in a location, through to helping spouses with their CV and providing one-to-one counseling about opportunities for work and/or study. At the same time, several locations devote workshops to work and study related topics using standard Outpost templates adapted to local needs or in some cases, given by a local expert. To find about the level of C&D support given in your location, please contact the local Outpost team directly. Contact details can be found on the Locations section, after selecting a specific local Outpost.

  • I enjoy reading Destinations on line but would like to have one hard copy to keep it with me when I go to my new location. Who can I turn to?

    Some locations provides hard copies of Destinations, some prefer to send it electronically. Please contact your local Outpost directly to receive a hard copy if needed. Their contact details can be found on the Locations section.

  • I have a question related to my living allowance in the Host country. Can I contact Outpost?

    Outpost complements the services provided or contracted by HR. Therefore Outpost deals only with non contractual information. If you need to find out answers regarding your expatriate package, please visit http://sww.shell.com/hr/internationalmobility/ or contact your local HR.

  • What is the difference between Outpost and Global Outpost Services? Who should I contact?

    Outpost is a Network including about 50 local offices around the world and a central office, Global Outpost Services. The local Outposts, based on the ground, will provide a range of services for the clients whilst Global Outpost Services will coordinate and support the local offices to achieve a consistent, professional service across the Network.

    Generally, staff at Global Outpost Services do not deal with clients, except when there is no Outpost on location.

  • What if there is no Outpost in my location? Who can help me?

    If there is no Outpost in your location, you can contact directly Global Outpost Services by sending us an email. Some local Outposts have been closed down as there are no longer significant numbers of expatriates on locations but some documents might still exist and prove useful for other expatriates. We also might have contacts in this specific location who could be wiling to support others considering the location. The presence of an Outpost office is not dependent on the size of the expatriate community. So feel free to contact us.

    HR contracted also a relocation company website which provides information about countries where there is no Outpost. To get the details, please contact us directly.